Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing GHAST & Finding PnkBstrK.sys when "lm" fails

So I'm pretty sick of doing stuff manually in WinDBG. Now that I have a decent understanding of how to use pykd (well, mostly anyways...) I'm going to start writing and releasing various scripts that help me automate some of my analysis. I figured I'd make a github git repo for all this code, which I've dubbed GHAST; Game Hacking Adventures Scripts & Tools.

One problem I've been having is that PnkBstrK.sys doesn't show up in the 'lm' output. Not exactly sure why this is but at first I suspected it was removing itself from the PsLoadedModuleList doubly linked list. This is a common rootkit behaviour and I pretty much consider PnkBstrK.sys to be a rootkit at this point. To confirm whether this was true, I wrote a pykd script to walk the PsLoadedModuleList and print out the name, entry point and base address of all modules. Turns out PnkBstrK.sys hasn't removed itself, but for some reason WinDBG isn't listing it.
PnkBstrK.sys in the PsLoadedModuleList, but not 'lm' output.
Now that I have at least the base address and driver entry point, I can start to automate setting breakpoints and dumping out argument values. My goal is to be able to trace and record all of my 'interesting' functions that I've RE'd from my static analysis. I'm halfway done but the above issue is affecting pykd as well so I needed an alternative way to find the base/entry addresses. The above code can be found here. Hopefully now I can get my other script to work. Anyways, keep your eye on my github repo as I'll update whenever I finish any scripts.

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