Sunday, February 19, 2012

SoNew Begins

So I've finally got around to actually starting a project for my injector. I've aptly named it SoNew (挿入 means insertion in Japanese). I've broken my solution into three projects. A command line tool, GUI tool and a sample DLL for injection. I plan on supporting injecting a DLL and having it automatically executed through Dllmain, as well as giving an option for executing via an exported function name. I should have at least a basic working example done by next week (or earlier depending on my work...) in which I'll start pushing to github. I don't promise the code to be pretty but it should look like:

Process proc = Process(<pid>); // Or Process(<processname.exe>);
proc.Method(methods.CRTAndLoadLib); // Or methods.CRTAndWriteMem, methods.IATHooks
proc.injectDll(<path to dll>); // either executes here or..
proc.executeFunc(<funcname>); // executes the dll's function @ funcname.

I'll throw in a .NET forms GUI to wrap all the command line nastiness after I get some injection methods built in. That's it for now!

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